Top 10 amazing foods for depression

Top 10 amazing foods for depression

It seems normal to encounter once depression once in lifetime when you have struggle through loss, stress from work, family and friends, stress from deadline, and an injured self – esteem. Nonetheless, the intense and prolong depression tries to pursue you every day and causes helpless, worthless sensation, sleep deprivation as well as health deterioration, it is high time for you looked for proper diagnosis and treatment. Depression, as many people may not think of, is a mental disorder and is able to cause severe symptoms that can greatly alter your feeling, your thought as well as the way you handle daily activities.

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Even though, it may not seem easy to fight depression especially you are suffering it for long time and tend to hide it as much as you can, there is no use and no need to suffer from it in silence. You may adopt therapies, treatments and some other medications to overcome the situation. Moreover, food plays an important part in fighting back depression as well, so ensure that you know how to opt for your diet. Food which contains nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin B, tryptophan as well as omega – 3 fatty acids are known to have great impact on depression. Therefore, you should opt for them. Here are some other food that you may choose to aid your body when it has to suffer from depression in the prolonged period of time.


The first thing to consume is green tea thanks to its significant ability to reduce risk for depression. Packed with amino acids and plenty of antioxidants, green tea has great ability to help you overpass depression. Theanine, the amino acid found plentifully in green tea obtains psychoactive compounds that is known to decrease depression as well as increase dopamine amount in the brain.

You can consume 3 – 4 cups of green tea on a daily basis to fight back depression as well as boost your overall well – being.


Salmon like other cold – water fish are rich in omega – 3 fatty acid which has great ability to fight back depression. Omega – 3 fattcy acids are divided into 2 different types; namely, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Both of them are known to effectively boost brain tissue functions and play a significant role in mood stimulation and nerve function. Moreover, salmon is proven to greatly improve overall well – being as well. You may add salmon into your daily diet and you may opt for tuna as well as sardines to improve your ability of fighting back depression.


This beneficial green vegetable is good for people who suffer from depression since it is able to boost low folic acid amount in the body. Moreover, the amount of vitamin B in asparagus is very important when it comes to boost the mood. Therefore, it is highly recommended to add this leafy green veggie into your diet more often Read more


Another food you can opt to consume is almonds thanks to their high amount of magnesium. Since magnesium has great impact on formation of serotonin, a positive in brain, they are recommended to consume. It is indicated that magnesium deficiencies can lead to depression and other mental health issues.

In addition, selenium found in almonds is also able to reduce the depressive symptoms as well. Therefore, you are recommended to consume this wonderful snack more often.

Consume 23 almonds per day to boost your mood

Moreover you can mix some almonds with other nuts or yoghurt to enjoy.


Dark chocolate is known to increase effectively the serotonin amount in the body, which is identical to antidepressants. In addition, it contain high amount of carbohydrates (sugar form) which can produce more serotonin. Dark chocolate is good at reduce the formation of stress hormones which is the culprit of anxiety.

More significantly, the consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome thanks to its flavonoid content.

You may opt to consume 1½ ounces of dark chocolate daily to crucially reduce the symptoms of depression.


The consumption of 1 – 2 bananas is highly recommended to fight back depression every day. Thanks to tryptophan which is found plentifully in bananas, it can boost the mood and increase serotonin level in the body. In addition, it also produces tyrosine, which subsequently forms dopamine and norepinephrine, two significant neurotransmitters are able to influence the mood.

Moreover the amount of vitamin B6 is sufficient to boost the serotonin production as well as tryptophan formation.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume bananas with some milk before going to sleep is the good option to have a better sleep.

7. EGGS-

The health benefits of eggs are undeniable, since this healthy breakfast food is overwhelmed with protein and many other healthy nutrients. It is known to have great impact on fighting back depression. Eggs are rich source of zinc which is known as neurotransmitter to fight back depression. By consuming more eggs daily you can significantly ward off zinc deficiency and depression and many other possible disorders.

Apart from zinc, vitamin D and vitamin B12 are those significant nutrients that eggs are packed with plenty of. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume eggs and add them into your diet more often in order to fight back depression.


Spinach, a dark and leafy vegetables, is packed with plenty nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, folic acid, all of which are good for brain health and good at warding off depression symptoms. Moreover, these nutrients are also beneficial when it comes to promote the nerves as well as muscles functions. The folic acid content found in spinach may accelerate the mood and reduce fatigue as well. Moreover it also promotes serotonin stimulation which is a major player in determining mood and stimulating social behavior.

Ensure that you consume more spinach to obtain good mood and overall health as well.


Blueberries are packed with plenty antioxidants which promote proper brain function and boost cognitive function.

The frequent consumption of blueberries is also known to effectively help the development of new brain cells. Also, the flavonoids in blueberries can promote the survival of dopamine neurons in the brain. Moreover, blueberries consist of the mood – boosting substance such as B – complex, zinc, potassium as well as selenium, all of which are known to have great impact on neurologic as well as brain health.


Avocados are overwhelmed with omega – 3 fatty acids which enables them to be an amazing option to aid patients suffer from depression.  Omega – 3 fatty acids especially DHA and EPA are able to raise the amount of gray matter in the region where brain is responsible for daily emotions.

Moreover, packed with potassium which is greatly important for brain function as well as mental health, avocados can transport serotonin to boost the mood as well as overall well – being. Also, avocados are rich on tryptophan which is able to reduce stress significantly and induce relaxation effectively.

Therefore, ensure that you consume ½ to 1 avocado on a daily basis.

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