New Year’s Dinner For Two – Update

New Year’s Dinner For Two – Update

Lobster-tailsThe New Year’s menu was a big hit and it only took an hour to make! I wanted to let you know how the two different lobster preparations turned out.

Lobster on the George Foreman Grill – This was so easy and fast! Two minutes of grilling resulted in tender, delicious lobster tail with no mess.

Baked Lobster in Aluminum Foil –  This took 12-15 minutes for a 1/2 lb. tail and I had to keep checking it to see if it was ready. So, it was a bit more more work (especially trying not to spill the garlic and butter mixture inside the foil). But because it was cooked in the shell, it had a lot more “lobster” flavor. I vote this method as my favorite.


Lemon Fettuccine – This was so yummy! The creamy sour cream and chives with the lemon zest and juice gave it such delicious flavor. A fast and easy to prepare dish that will be perfect this summer. However, a pound of pasta was way too much for two people. If it weren’t such a tasty dish, it might have gone to waste (or should I say “waist” – this dish is not low calorie!).  We enjoyed every mouthful of left overs!

Chocolate Lava Cake – You absolutely want to make this in advance and keep the batter filled ramekins in the refrigerator waiting for you. Then all you have to do is pop them in the oven right after you’ve finished eating dinner. 10-12 minutes later – you have an impressive, chocolately goodness dessert – WOW! With the recipe making 6-7 servings, and there only being two of us, it was never a problem because it keeps very well for a few days in the refrigerator. It’s so rich, you definitely want to serve it with a side of ice cream, whipped cream or a big glass of milk. (There are no pictures of this because we were so focused on eating it that I forgot to take a picture and now there are none left! I’ll be sure to share a photo of the oozing, gooey, awesome chocolate next time I make it!)


Sparkling Wine – We tried something new that was perfect for celebrating; Villa Jolanda Moscato Rose. Yes, it’s a little sweet, but it also has a subtle complexity, a slight effervescence and I must say, it’s just darn festive! We loved it for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We liked it so much that I went back to the store to get more and they were sold out. In fact, the Distributor is even sold out – so it’s more than just me and Joey that love it.

I hope you try this menu sometime soon in the New Year plus many of the dishes & experiences that I”ll be sharing with you throughout 2011.

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