Do Your Kids Need the Latest Tech Gear?

Unlike when I was growing up, there’s now a mountain of tech gadgets and gear that I am constantly barraged with as being “absolutely necessary” by my kids.  To hear them talk, you would think that their lives are totally missing out on so much if they don’t have whatever tech toy they currently are pleading for.  So just what are the options and how do you decide?

To start with, decide what and how it will be used according to That’s the critical piece in determining which gadget you might want to have for your kids.

Next, what are the ages of your children and in what areas might they get the most use out of the gadget? Do you have school age kids that need to take it with them or do homework at home?  Preschool kids?  Teenagers that want one of everything but seem to rarely touch anything except for social media?

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Finally, what do you already have at home?  While I hear from my kids that the latest model of X really, really, really is a must have, check out whether that newest model has that many changes from the prior version to make it worth the bumped up price?Don’t forget that despite what you may be told by your kids, last year’s model may be just what you need and at close to half the cost of whatever this year’s model is.

Once you’ve determined what you have, you can now make a decision on what might be of benefit to the family as well as the kids.  So where to begin?

Cell phones – Ok, this is quickly moving to a no-brainer.  While I don’t like watching kids barely miss being hit by moving objects because they are staring at a screen while they walk, I definitely see the “convenience factor” as a parent.  If I’m trying to find them, there’s no excuse for them NOT to be found. Text or call will work.  Plus, with the right apps a parent can monitor their texting and keep track of their locations.

Tablets – Whether we’re talking about traditional tablets or the newer type of 2 & 1’s on the market, these definitely are gaining in popularity.  In fact, many schools are making it a requirement to have one at the upper levels.  These also are great for younger kids when on road trips in the car or anywhere you need to keep them quiet for a bit of time.  However, before I’d buy one of these I’d see what the long term requirements at your children’s school will be.  Purchasing one model for your family or child only to be told by a school that, well, we’re going to require you to pay for another one that we want the kids to have is frustrating and expensive.

Laptop VS Desktop

Laptops vs. Desktops –  I’m pretty certain that you have one or more of these at home already!  So we won’t even discuss the pros and cons of these as both have their fans as well as benefits over the other.  Make sure that you explore what are the best laptopsor the best desktop computers that fit your needs and budget.  There are some incredible deals around.  In our household, we have both.  It allows us to have the right tool at the right time and place.

This is definitely the era of the technological revolution and kids are growing up in front of screens more hours than any of us might like, but, choosing the right gear for your lifestyle and family is important.

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