Home Security Tips for Single Moms

Home Security Tips for Single MomsAs a single mom you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders, and you probably are more fearful about you children’s safety and security than other parents, as you may be solely responsible for your child or children. You may have to go out to work on occasions and leave your child alone if he or she is old enough, or have a babysitter, nanny or the child’s grandparents in your home. Even if your child is left with a responsible adult, you will probably worry about what is happening in your home.

Home Security Systems for Peace of Mind-

When you are at work, or out for the evening with friends, you can concentrate on your work or relax more if you know that your home is secured. A good home security system can give you peace of mind, as with the wireless systems you can be alerted by email should anything go amiss while you are away from home. Wireless systems can be fitted easily and are cheaper than the conventional systems which need wires to connect to sensors and control panels. They can be monitored via your smart phone and you can discover what the state of your home’s security is quite easily. If you have a surveillance camera system installed you can access images from your mobile device and alert the police and neighbors should you have any concerns. Wireless sensors can be fitted anywhere you please and are more efficient than those with wires.

For the best protection you should have a locksmith come to your home and give you advice on the best locks to install in your home. Then, if you are not good at home improvements and so on, you can hire the locksmith to install the most appropriate locks for your home.

Surveillance Systems-

You can have cameras installed anywhere inside or outside your house and images from these can be sent through a digital video recorder to a computer inside or outside your house. There are apps which enable you to access these images remotely from your smart phone or tablet. Having exterior surveillance cameras can deter potential intruders as the video footage could be used to identify them if they break in to your home.

Home Safety Tips-

If you have a baby you will need to cover sockets, have plastic guards fitted to sharp edges such as those on tables, and if you have stairs, then you will need a baby guard rail so that you child cannot access the stairs when you or another adult are not around watching. You might, be in the kitchen or bathroom and of course you can’t be in two places at once.

Setting up motion sensors at strategic points around your home will alert you to your child’s movements and a wireless baby alarm can also be installed so that you know when your child wakes up.
If your child or children are older you may want to install door sensors so that you can monitor their movements around the house. These are also useful as they will detect an intruder.

Peace of mind and security are important and knowing that your home is secure and your child safe, will give you the freedom to leave your home with confidence.

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