Free Typing Games to improve your typing Speed

Free Typing Games to improve your typing Speed

Are you still struggling to improve your typing skills? Do you feel frustrated because it takes you hours and hours to write even a simple synopsis? Most of your precious time is squandered in searching buttons on keywords instead of working on the creative aspect of it.

Free Typing Games to improve your typing Speed

If you are facing all these issues in typing, you are at right place. Today we would be discussing specifically about one of the best techniques available to improve your typing speed. That is spending your time with typing games. Many a time people ask me why typing games are so important, so I generally them reason mentioned here.

Games are fun: When you are novice in typing, it’s really boring to hit your fingers on the keyboard and you feel like quitting it every time. But when you start learning it through games, typing becomes a real fun.

Step by Step Growth:These games instead of making typing fun also focuses on the all the aspects of typing. These free typing games have different levels that are very specific and helps you to complete your journey from a poor typing speed to pro.

There are lot of free typing tests and games available on the internet that you can try but below is the list of best typing games available on the internet that you should play to improve your typing speed.

Free typing Games #1 Typing Master

This is one of the best free typing games available on the internet. This is a complete course that covers all the important aspects of typing. Now days the best version of this game is typing master 10.

The game has full-fledged 10 hour course and also saves lot of your time. With the latest version of typing master, you also get typing meter free that always keeps an eye on you and give live statistics of your typing speed.

Free typing Games #2 Air typer

This game is developed by one of the best gaming company named Gametop. This is a very light weight 2 mb game doesn’t consume your pc space and provide you decent gaming and typing experience.

This free typing game has good background music that keeps you entertained. In the game you have to explode the air balloons by typing the word written on them. Over all experience of the game is pretty good, you must give it a try.

Free Typing Games #3 Type Racer

This one is an online game where you compete with other live users to prove your typing speed. This is actually one of the most popular games on the internet.

This game is bit funny because you would be typing here funny dialogues of many popular movies. The real motivation of the game is to win over other competitors. So you never stop playing and gradually you see the drastic change in your typing speed.

Let us know in the comments below, what do you feel about these games and how long you took to improve your typing speed.

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