Easy, Fast & Healthy Meals For The Single Momma

Easy, Fast & Healthy Meals For The Single Momma

Easy, Fast & Healthy Meals For The Single MommaCooking with kids is not just a great opportunity to bond and spend great time together. It also gives you the chance to cook some great home-cooked meals that you will be very proud to share with friends and family. Being a single mom isn’t easy—especially when raising kids alone. You have to hurdle the task of providing for their daily needs, while still have enough time to bond with them. Cooking is a great way because you get to talk deeper with your child while teaching him or her about some basic techniques in the kitchen. So, you don’t just spend time with your child, you also teach him the essence of learning about life.

Now, what recipes should you prepare? It should be delicious, healthy, and most of all, easy to prepare. Remember, kids can’t get hold on of their attention if the tasks take quite some time to finish. So, be sure to pick recipes that you can do and they can do in less than half an hour or so.
Don’t have any idea? Here’s our top picks that you should try out. This could be a very exciting weekend, so get your cook book and the ingredients ready for this scrumptiously yummy bonding time with your beloved child.

1. Classic meatball spaghetti-
Kids love spaghetti, so much when it has meatballs. Try a little experiment and extend the ground beef to make your spag look really abundant with meatballs. You can use high-fiber bulgur and whole-wheat breadcrumbs together with the meat. Instead of frying, bake them and you’ll find it yummier than the usual.

2. Wagon wheel beef soup-
Perfect for cold evenings, wagon wheel beef soup definitely suits the palate of both young and old alike. Rich with ingredients and so flavorful, kids will fall in love with the wagon pasta and spaghetti sauce, while the ground pork and hotdog will add that rich and meaty flavor. Make it even healthier with hearty slices of potato and carrots.

3. Chicken pot cupcakes-
This timeless recipe is perfect for budget savvy mom-and-daughter tandems who want to make the most of their leftover food. Using egg whites, milk, leftover chicken, vegetable, puff pastry dough, and a small amount of butter it only takes a little over half an hour before you can enjoy munching this heart-friendly delectable.

4. Buttery tomato pasta-
What better way to teach your child to fall in love with pasta than to start with this simple and fast to prepare menu? Choose elbow macaroni and sweet, buttery tomato sauce. Now, the secret to make your tomato sauce more buttery is to sauté on a hearty serving of butter, instead of olive oil. Tastes awesome and leaves you with that sweet taste that will surely hit your kid’s palate. Add a pinch of basil and a can of tuna and what an exciting meal you’ll have!

5. Cheese tacos-
If you want your kids to learn how to help themselves on the kitchen, it’s not enough to teach them to spread peanut butter or jelly on bread. Make them learn something special that will amaze their friends with delight. Cheese tacos are just the perfect food for snacks and lunch that your kids could prepare and bring to school. You don’t need any elaborate ingredients for this. All you need is butter, cheese, left over meat or chicken, coleslaw—which I bet are all stocked in the fridge—and your kids will have a festive delight to munch on for lunch.

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