Different Types of Beds for Home Use

Different Types of Beds for Home Use

While most people consider design, comfort and price when buying a bed, the most important factor one should look at is the purpose.

There are many different types of beds to choose from depending on the purpose whether you need it for your master bedroom kids, guests or even an ARV bed.

Different Types of Beds for Home Use

Here are the top 4 types of beds available in the market to cater for all your needs;

1.    Bunk bed-

If you have a few kids or regular guests, a bunk bed is your best bet at accommodating more people in one room. Bunk beds are very safe and they add a playful aspect to a kids room because children love to play on them.

Bunk beds are found mostly in homes where there are kids and the rooms are few or in hostels and summer camps. Safe bunk beds for kids must come with a safe ladder or stairs and all-round rail guards so the child won’t fall down.

Though some bunk beds are permanently stuck together, most of them can be separated into two beds when space is available. There are many designs of bunk beds available in the market and some even include a desk or a trundle bed underneath to accommodate an extra person or two.

2.    Divan Bed-

A Divan bed is what you will find in most regular homes because it offers simplicity, elegance and most of all comfort. A divan bed comprises of a 3 foot base that sits on the floor, mattress and a nice headboard that can either come together or separately.

Apart from enhancing comfort and stability, the thick base also acts as storage space because you can have a couple of drawers in there to store socks and even toys.

The headboard can also be designed in any way you want and this makes these beds not only practical but very versatile as well.

Divan beds can either have springs on the base to add comfort or a hard base that is firm and safe. They come in a variety of options and they are the most affordable permanent beds in the market.

3.    Futon Bed-

A futon bed is among the best portable bed for adults because it can be used in the house or away during camps or trips. The design of a futon bed includes a very well-padded mattress and a fold-able wooden or metal frame underneath to offer support.

Futon beds are comfortable and ideal for all people because the frame keeps them high above ground and the mattress cover can be changed to match any decor. These portable beds can also be used as an extra couch on your living room and you can fold it when it’s not in use to free up some space.

4.    Four Poster Bed-

Four poster beds are very traditional kinds of beds used mostly by royalty but they are fast coming back to style. The four wooden poles and decorative art on the head board create an elegant antique feel to any room.

However, many people today are opting for four poster beds for different reasons such as décor and mosquitoes. The four posters allow you to place a shade or protective net over the bed either for privacy, decorative or keeping insects out.

A four poster bed is mostly ideal for the master bedroom or in a hotel room because of size but small sized beds can also be made in this design.


The above four beds are the main types of beds you can use in a home setting. Each one of them comes with a couple of variations and different designs and you can always have the bed custom made to suit your purpose and idea.

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