Why Landscape Architects Invest in the Case Backhoe

Due to the nature of their job, landscape architects rely heavily on construction machinery to design and maintain exterior grounds for corporations, public spaces such as parks, and for urban green spaces. They design places that are functional and attractive, and they are also involved in the planning of locations for buildings, walkways, roads, and college campuses. Landscape architects also plan and prepare spaces to accommodate footpaths, shrubbery, flowers, ponds, lakes and the many trees that inhabit these environments. And clearly, preparing and building such places requires heavy construction machinery, and in many cases simply investing in a Case backhoe will allow landscape architects to accomplish many of the jobs they need to tackle from the cost-saving convenience of a single piece of equipment. 

A Case Backhoe can be Customized for Almost Any Job Performed by Landscape Architects 

One of the main reasons why a Case backhoe is such an ideal choice for landscape architects is that it can be used for a wide variety of tasks. When it comes to landscaping architecture, jobs like construction, transportation of building materials, light transportation, digging, powering building equipment, excavation, breaking asphalt and paving roads are things a Case backhoe can perform. In addition, a Case backhoe bucket can be replaced with other power attachment sideal for landscaping tasks like an auger, stump grinder, breaker and grapple. You can also get a Case backhoe with a quick attach mounting system and auxiliary hydraulic circuits for simplified attachment mounting which improves the backhoe’s utilization on job sites. You can also get a Case backhoe with a “clamshell” that allows for emptying more efficiently and quickly. This feature can also permit operators to perform grading and scraping tasks. The front assembly can be permanently mounted, or removed as an attachment. 

With a Case Backhoe You get 24/7 Care

As any top landscaping architect knows, projects can run through the night, days on end. And when emergency repairs are required, knowing there is a dealership open to service your backhoe has a direct impact on your project’s budget and timeline. Landscape architects love the Case backhoe because it’s manufacturer has dealerships that are open 24/7. This means a landscape architect can get fast, convenient repairs even at 1AM, as well as access to equipment rentals to ensure their project continues to run. 

Case Designed the World’s First Backhoe and is a True Innovator

Another reason why leading landscape architects invest in the Case backhoe is because the brand actually invented the world’s first backhoe. In the mid 40s the first Case backhoe was designed to meet the specific needs of a water utility in Massachusetts. The design proved to be revolutionary and soon construction equipment brands all over the world started designing their own backhoes off the Case backhoe concept. Why settle for a machine from another brand when you can get a Case backhoe engineered by the inventing force itself? And for this reason, along with many others, landscape architects choose Case over other brands for backhoes and other pieces of construction machinery.

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