What Family Businesses Should Consider when they Buy A Food Truck

If you have a dream to enter the food truck business as a family business model, you are not alone; this is a dream held by thousands. But did you know more than 90 percent of new food trucks fail within their first two years of operation. When you buy a food truck you automatically invest in the main component that has the biggest impact on your ability to fail, or succeed. In fact, the number one reason why family food truck businesses failed last year was due to poorly-build trucks and equipment that racked up thousands in repairs, and that kept the business off the streets which caused customers to go elsewhere. This is why family businesses should buy a food truck from a high-quality custom builder that designs the platform around each client’s growth goals.

This article is intended to help family businesses learn what to look for when they buy a food truck down from the specs, to the food truck company itself.

Buy a Food Truck from a Reputable Company

When you go to buy a food truck, every company will claim to be amazing and will brag about themselves to the moon. Instead of taking their word for it, ask to visit their warehouse, ask to see a portfolio of their work, and see what past clients have to say about their experience in buying a food truck from the company you are interviewing.

But reputable companies don’t just have satisfied customers; they also offer high-quality custom food trucks, and they build a food truck according to their client’t growth goals. For family businesses, this is especially important, as it is common for new team members (cousins, kids, etc) to join on and help out. Whether this happens in a few months after launching the business, or in 10 years down the road, the food truck platform must accommodate the necessary room and space to house additional employees, as well as new equipment to be added down the road.

Buy a Food Truck from a Builder that has Marketing Chops

Not only is the interior design important to think about when you buy a food truck, but the exterior design is crucial because it is what ultimately attracts customers to your food. Look for food truck companies that collaborate with your team to design a food truck that represents your brand, your target customers, and the regions you intend to work in. For example, if you plan to sell fish tacos and ceviche down by the beach, your food truck design should represent your brand (the logo should be fit into the backdrop you sell to, like the beachfront). You could have a design that shows surfers, families on the beach, or people hitting a volleyball with one hand and eating a taco with the other. Designs like this are light, cheery, speak to the people in the area, and overall entice locals to line up for a fresh fish taco. When you buy a food truck, your builder should know your market and work with you to design something that will generate high revenue earnings, year-over-year.

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