Secrets to survive your daughter’s wedding

Imagine that you are the mother on the next illustration

My daughter and her then boyfriend announced their intentions to commit themselves in the near future and well, what do you understand by “upcoming dates”? My husband and I consider that maybe it would be the next year, but oh surprise! Let her make her own decisions just like your bridesmaid dresses in San Antonio.

The commitment was only a matter of a few months and then the whirlwind began, or rather, the intensive course of respect and patience.

1. Accept and understand the fact
The children grow up and when we least expect it they are already organizing their wedding or the departure of the house, because the time to live under our roof is over. My husband and I accepted, sincerely and with great joy, that our daughter got married, but the fact of facing that she would go to live in another city was for my husband something difficult to accept in the first instance. It is a matter of working in the processes of acceptance and away from your mind any denial that you have, since this depends a lot on the good relationship established in the future with the new marriage, therefore, it is worth the effort.

2. Respect the likes, preferences and desires
It is curious to realize that the little person that you formed and educated, suddenly has the strangest tastes or decides things that you never, neither in this nor in any other dimension, would you decide. So it happened to me, I was disconcerted by many things that my daughter chose, but whose wedding is it? Of the mother sure not. It was not easy for me, but to remain silent or to give a positive comment is a hundred times better to impose your desires and tastes. Do not do it, I know what I tell you.

3. Collaborate with what they ask you, not with what you think is better
Many times, we want to collaborate with the couple in the preparations for the party and in everything that implies their union, but sometimes this can cause many problems and flavors. When we least think about it, it turns out that we are doing things to our liking, without asking for opinions or invading spaces that do not correspond to us. If your desire to help is sincere, talk to the couple and show your support, but allow them to tell you what or how you can help and just do it that way.

4. Be patient in the process of dialogue and understanding of the couple
Something that happens in some couples, is that in the time prior to the wedding discuss, they exalt themselves and at the moment it seems that they should not be together. Have patience, give them the time and confidence so that they are the ones who resolve their issues and if necessary, trust you and come to ask how to get ahead. If they do not look for you or ask you for help, be very careful and patient, do not offer advice where they have not been asked, let alone get angry.

5. Love
As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone feels happy when a couple decides to join and the saddest thing is when a family member or close friend makes them feel bad for doing so. On some other occasions, it happens that some loved ones can not be on the big day or are limited to participate in this great celebration. In a wedding everything can happen and your love support is fundamental. It helps the new couple to overlook the mistakes of others or their lack of consideration and respect. Encourage, support, be a source of joy and under no circumstances allow the happiness of young people is tarnished by trifles.

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