Nutrition before and during pregnancy

One of the stages in which it is most important to take care of the diet is in pregnancy since recent research has determined that the type of diet that the woman takes has a direct impact on the fetus, causing cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic diseases in the baby. The combination of diet, environmental, and biological issues can cause severe damage to the development of the fetus. In short, the first years of the life of any living being is the most critical period because it is at this stage when different eating disorders develop.

Because of the direct impact of the feeding on the fetal stage, the woman needs to eat a diet that meets the needs of the baby and the mother. For the nutritionist to better understand what type of feeding is recommended, it should be considered that the mother undergoes several studies to delimit the diseases that the woman has and which, possibly, can be transmitted to the fetus. Balance is the key to any diet, so during this stage must provide adequate nutrients and keep track of the woman’s weight. The purpose is to generate the best eating habits in the mother so that she can later implement them in her child.

Before pregnancy, the woman should implement in her routine a balanced diet, eliminating all those toxic substances that can damage her health, such as alcohol or tobacco, with the central objective of avoiding possible deformities in the baby. On the other way, the woman must try to carry a fixed weight, that is to say, that she does not suffer from such drastic weight changes in such a short time because this can damage the gestation process. For example, it has been shown that those who have obesity is more difficult to conceive, this for all the changes produced by this disease at the endocrinologist and metabolic level.

It is recommended that those women who wish to lose weight to have children, don’t follow fantasy diets with low-calorie content because food groups are restricted that is key to the person. The woman, before pregnancy, should have a balance of vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B12, for this, the person should see a specialist. One of the possible recommendations that the nutritionist will make is to eat a Mediterranean diet which, in recent years, has been observed to help considerably improve the chances of a woman becoming pregnant.

During pregnancy, you should eat a proper diet, which increases the percentages of vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet should consist of the consumption of all food groups that make up the plate of the good to eat.

Since pregnancy brings many physical changes such as weight gain, skin tightening, and possibly flaccidity, many women opt for a mommy makeover in Mexico. It is also possible to develop certain diseases such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, constipation, among others. This is why women must make the right diet according to their needs and those of the baby so that the formation of the fetus is carried correctly.

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