Natal Teeth

The tooth structure is the only organ that is not formed, so it’s rare for a baby to be born with a tooth in formation. Despite the rarity of the case, there are cases where the baby is born with one or two teeth, mainly with one of the central teeth because they are the first to form. This type of anomaly is known as natal tooth.

As we grow, the dental structure develops, thanks to calcification. Let us remember that first the temporary teeth are developed and then the permanent ones.

When the doctor in charge of childbirth performs a detailed analysis to find out if the baby has any disease and detects the name of the natal teeth, they usually turn to a dentist in tijuana to evaluate the situation in which the child is. This is one of the reasons why, frequently, parents turn to the dentist.

The emergence of temporary teeth usually occurs after six months of life, starting with the central pieces, but this process can be carried out earlier because there is really no predetermined age at which the training can be carried out. Dentists usually use a table which estimates the approximate age at which the teeth are formed.

When babies are detected the natal teeth can be only one or several, but the main characteristic is that they have alterations in the tissue, so they lack a root, it could be said that they are only shells. The fact that a child presents this type of “problems” isn’t something that requires therapy or something like that; it is recommended to visit the dentist for evaluation.

In order for the dentist to perform an analysis of the baby’s arch, the dentist will do an investigation into the mother’s care during pregnancy. He will perform a test to find out if there is any problem in the reflexes, mainly those that will help the baby to feed, sucking. Afterward, the mucous membrane, the coloring of the gums and the hydration will be observed in detail.

One of the main steps is to perform an x-ray of the oral cavity to determine if small pieces of teeth have roots or if there are germs in the teeth. With the help of this study, it will be possible to observe that the teeth do not have a formation nor a firm structure reason why they will continuously be in movement. This can be a problem for the baby because at the time of feeding can suffer a loss and therefore, bleeding. To avoid this type of situation, the dentist will recommend the intake of vitamin K so that an extraction can be made afterward.

There is no explanation as to why teeth form before the approximate period as it’s not associated with a disorder in the system, so one theory is that its due to germs present in the oral cavity that cause hormonal stimulation to grow teeth. That is why it’s essential for parents to go to a dentist for a detailed evaluation of the situation as an extraction may be needed to prevent damage to the baby.

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