How to make your children more aware of environmental problems

Many parents are concerned about the progressive deterioration of our planet. They would like to teach their children how to care for and respect the environment. It is important that children become aware of problems such as increased pollution, conservation of biodiversity or climate change. If one day when your child grows remember everything you taught him when he is a great dental implants Mexico and use non-invasive materials for the planet.

Do not waste water
The first advice is to teach children to value water. It is important that they do not waste water in the home when they wash their hands or teeth for example. They have to learn to never leave the tap open if they are not using the water. It is a good idea to get used to them when they are old enough to shower instead of bathing.

It is also important that they learn to turn off the light in rooms when they leave them. Try to realize the importance of saving electricity at home. A good idea is to teach them with books or videos about the importance of water and energy. They have to learn not to waste water or electric power. They have to know where the water they drink comes from and with which they wash every day.

Learn to recycle to take care of the planet
The second advice would be to get used to not throwing garbage in the field when hiking and of course not throwing it in rivers or lakes. Nor when they organize parties or birthdays in the parks or on the beach in summer.

We have to teach them how to use the bins and recycle the waste in our home. If children see us from childhood that parents recycle at home, they will be safe in the future. They have to learn that there are different containers for each type of garbage according to their material. The children have to learn to separate the garbage to throw it in each container.

Create a home garden
Another good idea is to make at home the whole family a home garden. Children could plant, plant, water and tend your garden. Ideally, plant fruits or vegetables that they can then consume at home. Apples, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes or peppers with which you can surely make fun meals.

You will need pots, earth, substrate and a space on the terrace or inside the house if you do not have a balcony. It is important that they learn not to waste water in the urban garden and that they only use the necessary water.

Family excursions
For children to know nature you can also organize family outings to forests, farms or botanical gardens near our town. Surely in your locality there are interesting places for children to learn to respect nature.

Children can meet farm animals and know their usefulness in our daily lives. Surely they will enjoy taking the eggs from the hens or milking the cows from the farm. It is important that children know where food comes from and the role that animals have in our lives.

Caring for pets
Another advice is to learn to care for pets. If children want to have a pet they have to take care of it from the first day. They have to learn to feed them, to drink, to accompany you when you take them to the vet, to take them for a walk if you need them.

Not only do they have to enjoy the fun moments but they must also be responsible for their pet at all times. Of course they have to treat their pet well and do nothing that could bother them or make them suffer. Children have to enjoy their pet but understand that it is a toy and that they have to be responsible for their care.

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