How to Find the Best Solar Panel Warranty to Save Money on Residential Solar Systems

If you have been researching solar panel companies, you are likely well beyond the discovery stage in your journey: you know that investing in top solar companies that offer the best solar panel warranties can help you save thousands on your utility bill, and help you improve your family’s lifestyle. The real question is this: what makes one solar panel warranty better than another? After all, solar panel companies from Los Angeles to the Bay Area will all claim to offer the best deals on solar panels to their customers. But if you the buyer arm yourself with enough knowledge to be dangerous, you can make a more informed, educated decision when it comes to buying residential solar systems, and at the heart of a great deal is the solar panel warranty.

Your Solar Panel Warranty Must Come with a Performance Guarantee

In order to determine if you are getting the best value with your solar panel system, you need to work with a reliable solar panel company. This means there should be a performance guarantee. Keep in mind that solar systems are designed to over-produce, and you can bet yours will do just that. While many solar panel companies have installers who use soft numbers to educate their clients on what their system could generate if their house meets extreme specific conditions, look for one that proves to be transparent and that stands behind their solar panel installation. Forget about a five-year or even a 10-year warranty on performance. Don’t settle for solar panel companies that aren’t able to offer a 25-year performance guarantee on all residential and commercial solar panel systems.

Solar Panel Installation and Roofing

One of the biggest sources for loss suffered by homeowners who invest in solar panels is when roofing is not covered in the warranty. When solar system equipment is secured to roofs, some crews can make errors that cause thousands of dollars in damage to the roof. In a worse case scenario it takes a heavy rain to reveal any problems; by then the framing and other parts of wood have been saturated, there could be a mold problem, and water leaks into the home causing additional damage. If your solar panel warranty doesn’t cover the roof, you could be out thousands and face a foiled investment. Like the performance guarantee, make sure the solar panel warranty covers your roof for no less than 25 years.

Racking, Inverter and Panels

Solar module racking (also known as photovoltaic mounting systems) are standard items for securing solar panels to rooftops, building facades and the ground. These tend to enable retrofitting solar panels to roofs so they become part of the building. The best solar panel warranty will come with, at least, a 25-year warranty on racking to ensure your system has flawless function. The inverter and the panels themselves should have the same 25-year warranty. Donly settle for solar panel companies that offer anything less.

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