How to Find the Best Italian Food Austin has for Date Night

Finding the perfect spot in Austin, TX for date night can be very challenging. After all, the city is a meca for foodies and culinary works of art, so being able to locate a place that’s perfect to spend time with that special person in your life can be challenging with so many options. 

Here’s some valuable insight: the best Italian food Austin has to offer will absolutely offer an unforgettable date night experience. But knowing how to find the right Italian restaurant can be quite the task. This article is intended to help you identify the upper echelon of Italian cuisine to share with the love of your life, or the new person in your life. 

The Best Italian Food Austin Offers will have Hand-Made Pasta

No Italian restaurant offers an authentic experience like one that boasts hand-made fresh pasta on the menu. Make sure the pasta is made fresh every day, from all natural authentic ingredients, and comes in an expansive menu. The best Italian food Austin offers will include:

  • Tonnarelli
  • Pici
  • Squid ink tagliolini
  • Ravioli
  • Lasagna
  • Pappardelle
  • Gluten-free option

Hand-made paste offers the right texture, beautifully absorbs the sauce, and has an amazing taste that dried variations can’t touch.


The best Italian food Austin has on the map will have stone oven pizza for all dietary needs. But let’s address the sauce before we go much further: San Marzano tomatoes should be used to make the sauce, and fresh mozzarella applied to every pie. This gives a beautiful blend of zest with creaminess. Pizza options should appeal to vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, carnivores, and there should be a gluten-free option. 


The best Italian food Austin offers will be served in a restaurant that sets the romantic vibe for date nights. There should be a romantic patio setting with candles and excitement in the distance, and an interior with that old world charm and mood lighting that makes the dinner truly memorable. 


Wine is a staple part of any Italian restaurant in Austin. Look for a wine list that has a great selection of reds, whites, pinks and bubbles. Wine should also be available from every region, and pair well with menu items. In addition, there should be some classic cocktails, as well as the house’s own creation, a creative bartender, and a good beer list. 

Follow these tips when looking for the best Italian food Austin offers, and you will have an incredible date night you will never forget.

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