Does the change of house affect your children?

The older the child, the more it can affect him or her to move out of the home, especially if it involves a change of neighborhood, school, getting away from friends, etc. If the transfer is to the same neighborhood and the school is still the same, it will be much easier and it is possible that it almost does not affect you, although it will always take a period of adaptation

Maybe they are too young to understand the things now, burt in the future is not going to be a big deal, but in this moment you can try to include them in your activities and never stop thinking in what import is being in a comfortable place when you are a kid, and buy a house for sale in Rosarito in a safe neighbourhood place.

Throughout life, children have to learn to adapt to the inevitable changes: passing from daycare to school, starting school … And, in many cases, to other changes such as moving house, neighborhood or even city or country.

All these alterations can affect the child, more or less depending on their age, their way of being, what the change implies, etc.

For babies under 1 year old it is not likely that moving out of the house will affect them very much and they will adapt quickly, especially if you are not nervous or upset by the change and in your new room they follow their objects: their crib, their cuddly toys , etc.

For children from 1 to 3 years old it can be a bit more complicated because they were already used to walking around their house, they knew the rooms, where everything was stored … and it can take them a few weeks to understand why they can not go to their usual home and he has to play, eat and sleep in this new house he does not know.

In the case of children already in school, the change will be more or less difficult depending on whether the move is to another neighborhood or city or not. If you move to a bigger and better house and the child keeps going to his school and seeing his friends, he will soon adapt and may even be happy with his new home from the start.

But if you also change your school, it will be much harder because it will involve making new friends, starting at a school you do not know, etc.

To help them in the transition, it is recommended:

– Take into account the personality of your child and be attentive to their changes and emotions. It will always be more difficult for shy and introverted children.

– Explain why you change your home so you do not think it is an arbitrary decision that you have adopted to “annoy you”. You must understand that it was necessary.

– You must be happy with the change, if you notice them worried or stressed, you will think it is a bad thing.

– If possible, show the house before moving, the neighborhood, the new facilities you will have, etc.

– Try not to miss anything in the move, especially your closest belongings.

– In the new house, keep as much as possible your room as it was in the old one so that immediately you feel safe.

– If you want to change furniture or redecorate, let him choose his furniture, the color of the walls, etc.

– Keep your daily routines so that the change is less.

– Tell stories or stories about children who have also had to move from home and are very happy in their new home.

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