Can The Bottle Feed And Pacifier Affect A Baby’s Oral Health?

Certain habits may give parents and dentists in Tijuana sufficient reasons why a child may require an orthodontic process. Children who tend to breathe through their mouths, who continuously suck their fingers or who at an advanced age continue to use the pacifier, are factors that can considerably impair the position of the teeth.

Teeth, like other body structures, are formed according to growth, in fact, teeth are not yet developed at birth, but is a process that is usually carried out after six months of age. There is a natural reaction or instinct that is generated from birth, and that is sucking. Although it is an instinct, the type of sucking a baby can determine whether this habit in the future may harm the child’s health.

There are two types of sucking: the nutritious sucking that occurs at the moment of lactation, and the non-nutritious sucking that occurs at the moment of sucking on the thumb or pacifier. These two movements play an essential role in the child. Breastfeeding is the method in which the baby obtains the necessary nutrients for its growth. This process, according to the WHO, must last six months, not only so that the baby can get the required food but also to promote the development of the jaw, thanks to the movements that are implemented when carrying out this process.

As for unnatural sucking, both the parents and the doctor must bring the necessary attention. It is crucial that at the moment of acquiring a pacifier, this one fulfills specific characteristics that adapt to the anatomical form of the nipple. These characteristics are elasticity and softness, this to stimulate the areas that will allow the proper growth of the palate, which is mainly the tongue. When buying a bottle, it must also meet the specifications mentioned above.

A widespread mistake when feeding the baby with the bottle is that the parents make a small hole in the tip of the container, this with the belief that it will facilitate feeding for the child, but it is not. At the moment, this small hole is made, not only do they cause the food to run out more quickly, but they also facilitate the effort that the baby must make to feed himself. This causes different reactions:

The baby does not feel satiated or stimulates more feeding.

  • It causes the baby not to feel tired, so he will be more active, thus affecting his hours of sleep.
  • The growth of the palate is not stimulated correctly, which causes more significant damage in the future.

It is necessary that, from certain ages, the use of bottles and pacifiers be taken away from the child since it has been estimated that the problems in the bite have to do mainly with the prolonged use of this action. Also, the child should be taught not to suck the finger, not only because it affects the bite, but the germs that are located in the hand go directly to the mouth, which can cause infections and diseases.

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